Trick or Treat? What Can Your Team Expect From Your Management Style?

Being a good manager is not easy! You must recognise and reward good work; make your expectations clear; identify training requirements; ensure your team is engaged and committed and have all the support they require to do their jobs successfully. And on top of that, you have to deal with disciplinary issues decisively and with fairness in a timely manner.

Obviously not every team leader or manager gets it right. As it's Halloween, I want to focus on the ghoulish gaffes and the horrifying howlers that bosses should avoid if they want to get the most of their team. So here are five Halloween characters that you would do well not to emulate:

  • Jekyll and Hyde: It's unnerving and can be scary for team members if you are moody and unpredictable.

  • Psycho: Don't lose your rag with your staff. It's unacceptable and undermines any point you may have, however justified.

  • Ghost: If you're an invisible boss, then how can you begin to know or address your employees' issues?

  • Vampire: Your team members are not machines and should not be exploited. It's important to get the best out of them and help them fulfil their potential but don't bleed them dry.

  • Crazy Scientist: Erratic working practices, a lack of clarity and hare-brained schemes will do little to engender confidence in your team and rarely bring out the best in anyone.

Avoid these Halloween horrors and you'll be well on your way to becoming a terrific rather than a terrifying team leader. Happy Halloween!