Top Tips For Office Party Perfection

Party season is upon us. Up and down the land, coworkers are coming together in a spirit of festivity and seasonal cheer to mark this special time of year.

Too easily, however, the seasonal cheer can tip over into seasonal total inappropriateness, so as promoters of employee contentment, we, at Opinion8, have highlighted some of the potential pitfalls to help you navigate your office party with ease:

Making a move on your colleague
This may seem like a tremendous idea at the time, but whether you succeed or fail in that endeavour, it’s probably not something you need an audience for!
You had no idea Jackie in accounts was such a good listener! You got on like a house on fire at the office party. But did you really need to tell her your deepest, darkest secrets? Think twice before you step into the confessional. Remember, something said, can never be unsaid.
In vino veritas
Ever want to get something off your chest at work? Had a few drinks? Does it suddenly seem tempting to give your boss a few home truths? Resist the urge. However compelling your arguments, they certainly won’t be improved by alcohol fumes and slurring.
Fighting spirit
If you’re in the habit of becoming confrontational and aggressive when you’re drinking, don’t drink. Nobody likes a party pooper and nothing ruins a party more quickly than an unpleasant argument.
Doing a Strictly
If the party mood imbues you with an erroneous sense of your own agility, physical prowess and dancing ability, be careful. Dancing on tables, moving at speed in heels and attempting risky lifts is fraught with potential risks. There is a reason why “You’ve Been Framed” has been on our screens for so many years!

So, stay safe out there and remember that the office will be there long after the office party. But most importantly, have fun and enjoy a well deserved party. Happy Christmas from us all at Square Systems!