The Course Of Progress Never Did Run Smooth

No business wants to be viewed as outdated or behind the times. Even in industries where tradition carries weight, companies still have to ensure they remain relevant. In industries where technology is highly prized, keeping ahead of the game is not just important, it's crucial.

With technological advances occurring so rapidly, though, it's difficult for companies to respond effectively. Contact centres offering customer service provision are under pressure to be available at every touchpoint where their customers are in contact.

In an attempt to address this issue, however, some contact centres have let the technological tail wag the customer service dog. Paying lip service to omnichannel customer service provision is counter productive. A 2016 survey conducted jointly by NICE and BCG identifying the key trends in the multichannel customer experience has actually reported that social media is becoming LESS popular than it used to be for customers requiring assistance.

The reasons cited for not using social media focussed on its limited functionality and unsuitability for responding to complex issues. Social media also registered the highest percentage of abandons of all customer service channels with the figure actually rising by 10% over the last two years.

Each customer service channel has its particular benefits and perhaps the drop off in social media for the provision of customer service reflects a general deeper understanding of its uses and its limitations. Though effective for many things, it is no panacea.

A contact centre successfully providing omnichannel customer service will allow its customers to switch seamlessly from one medium to another, from an initial enquiry on social media to a more in-depth phone call with an agent, without the customer having to repeat information or ending up at the back of another queue.

In the constantly and rapidly changing world in which companies now operate, it is not just important to keep up with the latest trends, it is also necessary to learn from mistakes, understand the consumer experience and constantly improve the service you are offering your customers!