Teach Them Well And Let Them Lead The Way

Despite the increase in popularity of online support, the majority of people still pick up the phone when they require customer service.

This puts a hefty weight of responsibility on your call centre agents. Your company may spend a small fortune on advertising and marketing to control and influence the ways in which your company is perceived, but on a customer service call, your company’s image lies exclusively in the hands, or more accurately, via the voices of your agents.

So, it makes sense to invest in your agents, to train them well, to ensure that they are contributing positively to your organisation’s image. But that is easier said than done and it’s a tricky balance! An overly rehearsed call centre agent sounds glib and insincere and does little to engender confidence. And there are so many verbal tics that can irritate, if not universally, then extensively and keenly. People want to be treated with courtesy but affected formality is unnecessary and trying. I mean what has happened to the words “you” and “me”? “How is yourself today?” “Just leave that with myself and I’ll get back to yourself.” For other phrases to be avoided, this is worth a read: http://www.ameyo.com/blog/15-phrases-that-your-call-center-agents-should-never-use.

Finding out from your customers what they like and dislike about your service will empower you to give your agents the knowledge and techniques they need to represent your company to the best of their ability. A well-trained, confident and authentic agent can diffuse an irate customer and work wonders for your reputation. Your customer may be King, but the kingdom will topple without an engaged and committed workforce!