Re-a-shoring News For Consumers and Call Centre Workers Alike

We, at Opinion-8, are always delighted to hear examples of companies listening to their customers. Over recent years, more and more organisations are bringing their operations back to the UK in the face of undeniable customer dissatisfaction with overseas call centres.

Telecoms giant BT is the latest company repatriating its call centres to the UK from India. It is set to invest £80m in bringing its business back to the UK leading to the creation of 1000 new jobs in new UK-based call centres.

In a recent poll of 7,000 British consumers conducted by Which?, 90% of respondents thought that UK businesses should not operate overseas call centres. As the trend of bringing call centre work and software services back to the UK continues, it is clear that the financial gains of offshoring jobs is more than offset by the potential risk of losing customers dissatisfied with overseas customer service provision.