Poor Websites Drive Customers To The Phone!

Agents in call centres are not only handling customer enquiries from those customers who prefer communicating by telephone. They are also fielding questions and complaints from those who have searched unsuccessfully for answers on the company’s website.

And if your customers are turning to your website and failing to access the information they need, by the time they have called your call centre, your customer service has already failed them.

So what can you do? Your company website should not be a separate marketing entity viewed only by your customers. Your agents should be familiar with your website’s content and its usability. Conducting research on your customer interactions will give you the insight required to anticipate your customers’ online requirements.

Encouraging lines of communication between each department will help you provide a more cohesive experience for your customer. If your agents learn of broken links, missing information, poor navigation or unhelpful content ensure that they then have the means to communicate this to the team responsible for the website so the issues can be resolved.

The positive outcomes of acting on this information are manifold! Your agents will feel more empowered and under less pressure; your customers will feel less frustrated; your company will enjoy a reputation as an organisation that listens and responds to customer feedback and your website will be a constantly improving entity that meets the service requirements of your customers. Happy days!