Omnichannel Vs Multichannel. What's The Difference?

It is not easy to keep pace with the changing ways in which customers want to access your company’s support and service. As we are all aware, it is no longer enough to be available only via the telephone, yet offering several ways to get in touch poses several challenges.

A multichannel customer service strategy enables your customers to contact your company by telephone, post, social media, web chat or email. However, in organisations where different teams offer customer service by different means in their own distinct silos, the reality of this strategy is that customers often find themselves on a treadmill of repeated explanations no nearer to an ultimate solution for their issue. Or they find themselves trapped in a method of communication which, though appropriate for their initial communication, is failing to deliver further on down the line.

An omnichannel solution empowers your employees to deal successfully and entirely with your customer’s issues. The customer’s situation is detailed in full in one place yet your employees have the flexibility to switch between communication types to give your customers seamless service across multiple touchpoints.

In multichannel communication, the number and variety of touchpoints can actually frustrate, confuse and often hamper progress towards resolution. An omnichannel strategy offers genuine flexibility and choice. Omnichannel is basically multichannel upgraded!