Not My Type!

The world can be divided fairly neatly into those that like Comic Sans and those that hate it!

Originally used for speech bubbles in comics, it is now widely adopted by all organisations that are trying to convince you that they are “nice”, “approachable” and worse still “fun”! Infantilising the presentation of any information directed towards adults is at best irritating and at worst downright patronising.

Though many acknowledge that content is king, the power of a font to subconsciously affect the tone of a piece of writing is undeniable. Key in “misuse of Comic Sans” in a Google image search and you are instantly struck by the incongruity of a funeral arrangements notice written in Comic Sans. There is also an ambulance emblazoned in Comic Sans which cannot have attended an emergency more pressing than an ingrowing toenail. Life and death situations surely call for a weightier font!

If you are a Comic Sans misuser, remember that there are other ways to convey empathy and amiability. Don’t be lazy, explore the fascinating world of fonts and if in doubt, there’s always Arial!